Can your business survive without social media?

Social media has certainly changed the marketing landscape. Social media helps you identify; target and communicate to your audience quite quickly and for some products and services it is a necessity. However, your business can still survive without social media if your business is pre-existing or you create a footprint using other forms of marketing. Here’s what you can do using other forms of marketing if you do not want to use social media:


Put up flyers and Posters.

Put up flyers and posters. This was one of the traditional modes of marketing right before social media took over. In this instance, you design flyers and posters and ensure they match your brand and the interests of your audience and when distributed, they are sent to strategic places where your potential customer can see them. This way, you create awareness of your product and brand among your target people.


Offer a Referral bonus to your current customers.

A referral program is the best way your business can stay relevant and has the potential to add credibility to your business. You can offer a bonus for any referral. You can also conduct surveys to determine the level of satisfaction your customers derive from patronizing your business and use the references in those surveys on future marketing material.

However, you must work on your product or service and your service delivery to customers. If you offer quality services or products that satisfy customers, you are likely to retain customers; and receive referrals and positive surveys from that customer.


Talk to people – Power of networking.

You cannot rule out the power of communication when you seek to promote your business. Talk to people you meet. Advertise and promote yourself. Networking is key to growing your business. This is likened to paying a radio station to advertise your product. But in this case, you are traditionally doing the advertisement yourself.


Use Email marketing.

Did you tell yourself social media includes Email marketing? Email marketing is an opportunity to connect and provide valuable information to customers. Having your customers subscribe to your newsletters can help you market your business to them with ease.




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