Entrepreneurs are critical to economic development. They create jobs and opportunities for the teeming
populace. Where a service is lacking, they identify the gap and put measures in place to fill the gap. And
they bring new products to the market through their various innovative mindset. Being an entrepreneur
demands a lot of brain work. Especially for those who want to be very successful entrepreneurs. It is not
enough to just come up with an idea. It requires more than that. Successful business thinkers have
characteristics that have helped them along the way in their business, and if you want to tow the path of
being an excellent business thinker, the following are the 5 characteristics:


1. Positive mindset

Mindset, they say, is everything. And having a positive mindset is the first thing you will need as an
entrepreneur. Yes, some risks do bother the mind, especially when it seems you are giving your all to it.
However, you need to think about the positive side. What if it goes right and that is the deal that
changes your life forever?

You require a positive mindset to inspire the rest of your team. You do not want to be the leader who
does not motivate his subordinates to expect the best outcome. If you do that, you affect the team spirit
and the sacrifice needed to see that all goals are followed through.

Know as an entrepreneur there will always be issues that you need to resolve. Having a positive mindset
means being solution-orientated and resourceful, knowing you can resolve problems as they are
presented to you.


2. Problem Solving

Eighty to ninety percent of entrepreneurs are in business because they identified a problem they
wanted to solve. Problem-solving is one of the key traits of an entrepreneur, and on your quest to climb
the ladder of success, you have to always solve problems as they arise in your business. Problems are
not desirable to anyone but you have to be prepared for their occurrence.


3. Creative mindset

Have you ever met any successful entrepreneur who has not been creative since he/she came into
business? To have a business that will succeed demands a creative mindset. You have to always think
outside of the usual ways people of doing things; think of a way to solve that problem or of a better way
to provide your services or innovation in the product you sell. “Creativity,” is said to be “the mother of
invention” and Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, The Wright Brothers, etc. would not have been known
around the world today if they had not had a creative mindset.


4. Flexibility

One way fits all does not work if you want to be an excellent business thinker. You have to have an open
and dynamic mindset, be open to changes, and do things differently.



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